Warmly congratulate liyang city Jinkun Forging Co., Ltd. on being elected as the new president of liyang city Forging Industry Association

Release time:

22 Apr,2024

On April 22, 2024, the general meeting of Liyang Forging Industry Association and the second first general meeting with the theme of "condensing wisdom and gathering strength, forging brilliance" was successfully held in Liyang Jinkun Forging Co., Ltd.

Liyang Jinkun Forging Co., Ltd. has won the trust of all members with its excellent strength and good reputation. Mr. Xu Wenbo, chairman of the board, was unanimously elected president, which is also the trust and affirmation of all members to the new president.
Chairman Xu Wenbo said that he will adhere to the purpose of "serving members and promoting the development of the industry" and work together with all members of the association to actively create a new style of the association. In order to promote the exchange, cooperation and healthy development of members, and promote the high-quality economic development of Liyang, we will make new contributions.

Mr. Chen Weixing, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, congratulated the successful transition of the association and awarded the chairman the honor of the chairman. He put forward four hopes for the future development of the new forging association: 1. Adhere to the leadership of party building and raise political awareness. 2. Insist on serving the Legislative Council and strengthen the sense of purpose. 3, adhere to innovation and development, expand the influence of the association. 4. Adhere to the spirit of dedication and fulfill social responsibility.

The company will uphold a consistent and pragmatic style, continue to work hard to innovate, and work hand in hand with all member companies to contribute to the development of the forging industry and jointly create brilliance!