Carry out knowledge competition and build a strong security line

Release time:

08 Jul,2024

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on production safety and further build a solid foundation for the company's safety development, recently, the company closely revolves around the theme of "everyone stresses safety, everyone will be emergency-smooth passage of life", and organized and carried out a knowledge competition for the safety production month of "everyone participates in production safety, helping the company to go steady and far.

In the early stage of the competition, WeChat group and electronic screens of various scenes were used to push safety production knowledge, covering safety production laws and regulations, emergency disposal, life passage, fire prevention knowledge, office electricity safety and other basic safety knowledge. During the competition, all employees of the company actively signed up and actively participated in the activity. A total of more than 40 people participated in the activity, realizing the full coverage of the company's leaders and departments. All cadres and workers further realized the importance of learning the knowledge of production safety, which laid the foundation for creating a good working atmosphere in which everyone pays attention to safety, knows safety, attaches importance to safety and maintains safety.

This knowledge contest is one of the company's "Safety Production Month" series of activities. As the closing activity of "Safety Production Month", it is not only an extension and deepening of related activities in the early stage, but also a test of everyone's knowledge of safety production. Through this activity, all staff further study and consolidate the safety production laws and regulations, key safety knowledge and emergency self-rescue knowledge. Since the "Safety Production Month", the company has organized and carried out a number of activities such as fire emergency drills, watching warning education films, and safety training. Three-dimensional publicity from the levels of ideological education and practical exercises has created full attention and full participation. The good atmosphere of the company has comprehensively improved the safety knowledge reserve and safety management responsibility awareness of employees. Although the activity is over, safety production is always on the road. The company will continue to adhere to the principle of "safety is more important than everything, safety is higher than everything, and safety is before everything", and do a solid job in the company's safety production work, so as to protect the company's high-quality development.